Rebates from Union Gas can help you save money on insulation upgrades NOW and OVER TIME.

Insulation Upgrade ROI

Adding insulation and air sealing to your home is a solid investment in your home value and can reduce you energy bills up to 50%. It will also reduce drafts, cold spots, moisture and air quality concerns and make your home more comfortable year round.

Taking advantage of the rebates offered by Union Gas to save even more. Basement, Attic, Exterior Walls Insulation and Air Sealing all qualify! Call or book online for a free assessment of your insulation situation and we will help you get started!


Customers who complete more than two measures also qualify for a $250 rebate for each additional measure installed – up to a maximum of $5,000 rebate!

Insulation Rebate Requirements:

• Heat your home with an oil, natural gas, or propane boiler/furnace OR wood stove (electric heated homes not included)
• Own a detached, semi-detached, row town house, or mobile home.
• Live in a Union Gas region
• Do an energy assessment before and after your upgrade
• Complete at least two eligible renovations