Get SB-12 2017 Ready 

The Total Solutions package from eco Insulation can help balance the intent of new SB-12 Compliance Packages – air sealing and thermal requirements – with needs/budget. Providing Good-Better-Best solutions assemblies that tackle continuous insulation, air sealing and higher thermal values in the whole building envelope. Meet and exceed the requirements for 2017 with a hybrid of batt, cellulose and spray foam—no blower door tests required.

The changes in the SB-12 2017 mean that you may need to step up your game when it comes to your building envelope. Air tightness is key to flexibility and affordability.

At Eco Insulation we collaborate with you on a building envelope that works the way you do and meets the standards your company demands. We will also help you test and prove what your standard air-tightness package is so that you can build with confidence without the need of ongoing blower door tests.

Or – if you are ready to step up your game, we can help you exceed the standards by fixing common and elusive leaks using spray foam in key locations in your plan.

Are you up to date on those SB-12 changes? We have a blog about those changes here. It is really not as dramatic as you may worry.