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For Greater Sudbury residents seeking lower energy bills, upgrading their home insulation with eco-friendly spray foam insulation from ECO Insulation can provide a convenient solution to their cost-cutting needs.

Properly insulating your home can result in energy bill decreases of 20 percent or more, particularly if you have an older home that is not currently insulated with modern insulation. ECO Insulation uses spray foam insulation, which is less harmful to the environment and is also less hazardous to human health. All ECO Insulation spray foam insulation is made of recycled materials.

In addition to providing a better thermal barrier, upgrading your home’s insulation or properly insulating the home you are currently building will provide better sound control, as the insulation will help keep outside sound from penetrating your home.

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Services & Products and Location

ECO Insulation provides clients with eco-friendly and human health-friendly insulation that will reduce their power bills. Our services include:

  • Insulation Inspection – We’ll inspect your current insulation to see whether it needs updating, or if there are uninsulated areas of your home in need of service.
  • Insulation Removal – We’ll safely remove old insulation from your home and dispose of it.
  • Air Sealing – Our insulation services include stopping energy-wasting leaks and drafts in your home.
  • Spray Foam Insulation – Our spray foam insulation is efficient, effective and made completely of recycled materials. All of the materials that we use at Eco Insulation are recognized by the Canadian Construction Material Center.
  • Blown Insulation – We also provide safe, environmentally-responsible blown insulation for our customers.
  • Batt Insulation – For large scale insulation projects, we can provide panels of batt insulation.
  • Sound Control – We’ll properly insulate your walls to ensure that sound from outside your home is reduced.
  • Thermal Barrier – Our insulation creates a thermal barrier that keeps cold air in during the summer, and hot air out during winter months.

Eco Insulation is proud to serve the Greater Sudbury area.

Eco Insulation
At Eco Insulation, we specialize in home insulation spray installation to help lower your energy bill. Please call us at 705-692-3626

302 Black Lake Rd
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