Why insulate your home?


Insulating your home is one of the quickest and cost effective ways to reduce energy waste and maximize the dollars you spend on energy. With all of the improvements that you can make to increase your home’s energy efficiency there are few that can match the impact of re-insulation from an energy savings and cost savings perspective.

The best types of insulating systems include a combination of products and construction techniques that can equip your house with thermal performance, control dampness and moisture, increase the comfort level throughout your house and protect it from air infiltration. Reducing your heating and cooling consumption can easily be reduced by 30-40% simply by investing in proper insulation products.

Do you need to insulate your home?

Insulation is measured in R-values, the higher the R value the better your house will resist the transfer of heat. Check the insulation in your attic, ceilings, exterior and basement walls, floors and crawl spaces to determine if you are currently meeting the recommended levels for your area. An Eco Insulation representative can come and do a free, no obligation inspection of your home.

Use higher density insulation in ceilings and on exterior walls

Insulating your attic

Adding insulation in your attic is the easiest and most cost-effective way to insulate your home. Measuring the thickness of insulation to find out if you have enough is simple. If you have R-22 or less (7 inches of fiber glass or rock wool, 6 inches of cellulose) you most likely will benefit from increasing the levels of insulation you have. The ecoEnergy grant requires R50 which surpasses most building codes today! R-22 to R-48 is standard R values in most Canadian homes.

Insulating your walls

Eco Insulation can easily insulate your walls thru a simple retro fit process called The Dense PAK system. In most cases this process can be done from the outside of your home leaving it in the same shape we found it. Drilling a series of small holes within the wall cavity or interior applications are also available. If your home still feels cold in the winter or too warm in the summer and your attic has the recommended amount of insulation it could be a good sign that your exterior walls need insulation added.Our sales staff can perform a few simple test that can determine if you have insulation in your walls. Adding insulation into your walls typically is a more expensive project usually requiring a contractor to due the work it may be well worth the additional costs if you live in areas where temperatures can get very cold or very hot.

Insulating your basement and crawlspace

Basements are most often a significant source of your home’s heat loss and usually insulating results in huge cost savings and energy efficiency. using a closed cell product will transform your basement into living space. the damp, musky feeling of a basement is gone. The Crawl space is an extremely effective area to insulate in your home, spraying foam on the exterior perimeter is the most cost effective and beneficial way to insulate a crawl space.

Insulating your rim joists

Headers are the most important part of a basement or crawl space. there is no better way to seal up the air infiltration then using a polyurethane spray foam. the foam travels to every knook and cranny sealing up the headers air tight and vapour tight.

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For more information contact Eco Insulation for your free in home insulation inspection.

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