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The Stack Effect in homes is one of the leading factors to heat loss in buildings during the winter. As I am sure we all know, hot air rises. The stack effect is defined by the hot air rising and being lost through the attic space and upper portions of the house. That subsequent loss of the hot air will draw cold air in through the basement walls.

One of the keys to obtaining an energy efficient home is ensure that the stack effect is minimized. Which in turn means, that proper insulation and a continuous vapour barrier must be installed.

Through discussions with insulation installers, an often overlooked detail that greatly improves the efficiency of your home is providing a continuous vapour barrier and insulation between the garage and the bedrooms above it. With conventional batt insulation and poly vapour barrier this detail is difficult to construct. As the vapour barrier must be installed on the warm side of the house.

Marcio from Eco Insulation of Chatham & Windsor, walked us through the multitude of options for insulating our house. In the end we choose to use the spray foam insulation at the key locations throughout the house that would provide the greatest benefit. The underside of the second floor above the garage, the basement walls, the headers around the perimeter, the hot air supply duct in the garage and the walk in closet were all spray foamed by the Eco Insulation team.

The Installation

Basement Walls


Walk in Closet

Thank you, Marcio! Your guys did a great job!

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