renovationAScreenshot 2016-07-28 13.27.48 major renovation is a great time to assess the “behind-the-scenes” parts of your home. When the walls are off and your home is disrupted – this is the time to tackle some of the pre-existing issues in your home (and prevent new ones).

Our Renovation Checklist walks you through the things you need to think about and what order they need to happen in. Download it now and print it out to help you in making your renovation a true success. And remember – bring experience on-board early to get advice before you start. At Eco, we are available for a free assessment and idea session. If there are any points on the checklist you are unsure about or need some help with we can chat about them too. Just give us a call.

Renovation Checklist

Instant access to download our Ontario Renovation Checklist.