In older homes, visiting the basement can be a scary proposition. And storing items down there? not a happy proposition – unless everything is hermetically sealed! The smells, mildew and mould – plus cobwebs and spiderwebs and vermin concerns are enough to make you just want to lock the door and leave it that way.

But, imagine how much nicer it would be if you could use this space to store equipment, off-season clothes, all of those books you found at that great garage sale? This frees up living space and makes your home more organized and more comfortable.

(If your home has a full-height basement and some empty space, we can also look at how to add a workout room or rec room down there – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.)

There is a solution for these dingy, dirty basements and it starts with Spray Foam. If you have never investigated this product, you will be amazed at what it can do –  even if you have been looking into it, the video below will amaze you at the results that we can achieve for you.

(Applied correctly by a professional) Closed Cell spray foam expands to fill every potential air leak, sealing our the dampness, air and pollutants and sealing in the conditioned air of your home. This creates a healthier an

Watching this video, you almost sense the mustiness and dampness disappearing from the air as the spray foam seals every crack, crumble and penetration.


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