What is Radon? …and how can Closed Cell Spray Foam Help?

Radon OntarioRadon is a noxious radioactive gas. It is colourless, odourless and tasteless. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer. It is heavier than air and accumulates in basements. Eco Insulation can assist you with building or renovating a radon gas-proof basement using Closed Cell polyurethane spray foam.

One of our tested and approved SPF systems installed by our CUFCA Certified Installers can be installed in a single application process. Once installed the SPF forms a single monolithic sheet upon which construction crews can walk and use wheelbarrows without any damage to the underlying radon and vapour barrier spray foam. Far exceeding the performance of mechanically sealed sheet or tile alternatives.

Radon can infiltrate in several places: cracks in the floor slab or foundation walls, the joint between the floor slab and foundation wall, openings in the floor slab or sumps.

The Canadian Lung Association (CLA), National Building Code of Canada (NBC) recommend testing for radon if you spend more than four hours a day in a basement.

Health Canada’s recommendations for reduced radon infiltration in basements:

  • Install a membrane or sealing product  under the floor slab
  • Seal the joint between the foundation wall and the floor slab
  • Seal all openings in the foundation wall and floor slab
  • Seal all posts and load-bearing walls to the floor slab and membrane
  • Install floor drains that prevent gas infiltration
  • Install sealed lid on sumps

Closed Cell Spray Foam an All-in-one Solution for insulation and Radon Mitigation.

Professionally installed closed-cell sprayfoam is an all-in-one, airtight solution for insulation, air sealing and now a CCMC number for Radon Mitigation in one step. Closed Cell Spray foam is installed in place making it seamless and continuous.

The Canadian government has changed the safe threshold for Radon Gas in buildings. The new requirements of the National Building Code of Canada – 2010 (sub-section 9.13.4) stipulate the installation of an air barrier system in basements to block the infiltration of radon gas. In addition to its high insulating factor our tested SPF systems provide for full air, vapour, and gas barrier performance levels that are unmatched by 6mm poly sheeting.

The use of a CUFCA tested and CCMC Listed 2 lb. CC MD Spray Foam under the slab, on the foundation walls, and on the rim joists, provides a continuous, seamless, air and soil gas barrier right up to the ground floor.

Key Benefits to the use of the CUFCA RMSTM at Eco Insulation

CCMC Approved System

Thermal Break
The NBC now requires a thermal break between the foundation wall and the slab (min. R-4). The continuity of the polyurethane foam at the wall and footer area provides this thermal break and exceeds the R-value required.

Capillary Break
At the same time, the use of these tested SPF systems also provide an effective capillary break against moisture migration from wall and footer concrete to the interior floor slab once poured. This ensures a dry basement with a easily managed humidity for comfort and enjoyment of the living space.

Thermal Barrier
With an installed 2″ ( 50mm) below the slab, 3″ ( 75mm) on the walls and R-12 and R-18 respectively. These performance levels are also free of typical thermal bridges that are common with other mechanically fastened insulation products

Cost Performance
A Key benefit of the use of our CUFCA RMSTM is the overall performance/cost benefit. As a single monolithic material that provides the performance of multiple control layers that would often require the use of many products, we can offer an unmatched price/performance level. Our system has been rigorously tested by CCMC and EXOVA to ensure that we can provide a best in class solution to the Canadian Market.

Radon Gas Barrier Performance
CUFCA and its SPF manufacturer partners have worked with CCMC to develop an Industry first technical guide specifically outlining the requirements of testing to prove the performance of these superior products as an effective Radon Mitigation Solution. This Master Format ( 07 26 23.01) guide is exclusive to CUFCA at this time. Our recently issued CCMC Evaluation Report (CCMC# 14073-R) can be requested for complete details on the systems use.

CUFCA has specific installation requirements and site testing and evaluation reporting requirements that our Eco Insulation Contractors must meet in order to complete the installations and meet our applicable standards and more importantly our CUFCA Field Quality Assurance Program (FQAP).

Order a Radon Test Kit from the Lung Association Website: