When prospective clients ask us why we use cellulose insulation, our answer straight forward. Green fiber cellulose insulation is simply the best-performing, most cost-effective and environmentally friendly attic insulation available on the market today. As if that weren’t reason enough, cellulose offers a high, true R-Value of 3.75 per inch in attics and performs better than any alternative product under extreme cold temperatures.

And when you choose Eco insulation to improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency, our all-inclusive price usually costs less than the retail price homeowners have to pay to purchase the product and rent the equipment to do it themselves. Insulation is what we do – so we’re efficient too. Our highly trained staff will generally complete the entire process in a matter of a few hours, including the installation of any ventilation.

{ Protect Your Home—Effectively }

GreenFiber Insulation forms a monolithic blanket of protection—blocking air infiltration and convection currents that are both primary causes of energy loss.

{ Insulate Against the Seasons }

The R-value of GreenFiber Insulation, or its ability to stop heat transfer, remains consistent through a greater temperature and application range than that of loose-fill fiberglass, keeping heat in during the winter, and out during the summer.

{ Make Your Home Safe }

GreenFiber Insulation can increase a wall’s fire resistance by 22-57%. Cellulose insulation is non-toxic, and GreenFiber guarantees its products for the life of your house.

{ Insulate Your House and Preserve Your Planet }

GreenFiber Insulation resists moisture, reduces noise, and preserves natural resources.

{ Bring the Smarter Insulation to Your House }

Install GreenFiber loose-fill attic insulation yourself, or have stabilized insulation installed by a GreenFiber Insulation professional.

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