Insulation Removal


There may come a time when you need to remove old insulation from your home. Smoke Damage, Water damage, Vermiculite or beginning a new renovation are all reasons you may need to have old insulation removed.

At Eco Insulation we are not only specialists in adding insulation to your home, we are also experienced in effectively removing old insulation. We use a high performance insulation vacuum to remove the insulation in a safe manner, as well as the removal of any contaminants that might be present, placing all material in our removal truck.

Regardless of whether your home has fiberglass batt-insulation, or a combination of batt insulation and blown-in insulation, our removal procedures can look after any situation.. Our high-powered state of the art insulation removal vacuum is set-up on the outside of your home, where a large volume filter bag is used to obtain the insulation. This procedure is done in an efficient manner, and also prevents the risk of further contamination that could occur from removing insulation in your attic or crawlspace.

When is Insulation Removal Required?

  • Renovation of rooms beneath requiring removal of your ceiling drywall
  • When completing an entire re-wiring of your house and attic space
  • The addition of a second story onto a bungalow
  • Repairs following a fire or other disaster
  • Allergy issues with current insulation

Contrary to what you may hear from other insulation removal contractors, dragging insulation directly from your attic through your living area is not a safe method of removal, and may pose health risks. This particular method of insulation removal may leave your home contaminated with airborne fiberglass particles, and additional dirty substances.

At Eco Insulation we offer safe, economical and efficient insulation removal services. We will match or beat any reasonable written insulation removal quotation, and our team can also provide Spray Foam Insulation replacement services.

If you are currently seeking an insulation removal contractor, Eco Insulation can assist you. We offer insulation removal services at economical and competitive rates, and our team is dedicated to carrying out insulation services with honesty and precision. Contact us for a free quote; our technicians are available 7 days a week – simply call for a no obligation quote. 866-727-FOAM (3626)