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Complete Insulation Contractor

One call gets you batt & poly, blown-in and spray foam insulation. Plus an on-site supervisor. Contractors love the experience of working with Eco Insulation. As consummate professionals you can count on us to help the work go smoothly and protect your brand. With franchise locations throughout Ontario, Eco Insulation are experts in the field of insulation for your home: from basements and crawl spaces to walls and attics, in either new construction or existing structures.

dotCOMPLETE SERVICE We pay our crew by the hour, not by the job so they work efficiently but never cut corners. They are bonused on Complete Customer Service Standards which included efficiency, quality and courtesy.

dotCOMPLETE SOLUTIONS We are a full-service insulation contractor so that we can provide you with all of your needs with one-call: batt & poly, cellulose, spray-foam and services in one complete package.

An Insulation Trade that Works the Way you Want

We bring our experience and processes to your project to help things go smoothly – but you can also train us exactly how you want us to work – your preferred wall assembly and building envelope package installed to your standards.

dotREDUCE YOUR HEADACHES Every crew has a trained supervisor to manage the project on site from set up, through quality inspection, and clean-up: ensuring our exacting Eco Insulation process is followed… every time. Asked about our:

  • Eco Measured Attic
  • No Wind Wash Guarantee

dotTHERE WHEN YOU NEED US In our Dispatch – your schedule is what is vital. We proactively communicate to manage our jobs with tentative bookings in advance and flex-scheduling to accommodate.


dotTRUST We treat you and your job site with great respect – and leave the site better than we found it. Your drywall trades will love following our teams – yes, due to smooth surfaces – but also because the site is clean & ready to start work right away.

dotPROACTIVE We stay on top of how your jobs are progressing to ensure you have no surprises or delays. And we do a full verification visit two days in advance of install to check for changes or issues so we arrive fully prepared.

Quality Insulation Processes

dotREDUCED COST OF BUSINESS You don’t have time to waste micro-managing so when you can find a reliable insulation contractor they are like gold. Because so long as the price is competitive, it makes your real costs lower!

dotQUALITY Our Eco Process takes you from take-off to quality inspection to reduce your hassle, time and delays and ensure you can be confident in a quality product. Every time.

Call us to Quote on YOUR next project to experience what we bring to your team.

Residential and Commercial Insulation ContractorEco Insulation is your number one choice for commercial and industrial insulation contractor; a fully insured and experienced member of the Ontario Home Builders Association. All of our products are CCMC approved and our bondable technicians are CUFCA certified. We also have an A+ standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Eco Insulation offers 2lb pound density spray foam (Polarform 7300), as well as cellulose insulation and batt & poly insulation. Our technicians are prompt, clean, courteous and accommodating with other trade schedule.

We welcome the opportunity to present our full system to you through Eco Enterprise to Eco QC.

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