Have you ever noticed round vents coming through your crawl space, into your house through rectangle holes? If you have witnessed this situation it’s not an ideal situation. Fiberglass batts are not sufficient in stopping both air and moisture infiltration from occurring. Even if you think your home is properly insulated, batts do not prevent contaminated air from travelling into your home.


Worse, if your crawlspace has no insulation at all, 20 % of the money you spend to heat your house is leaking straight through the floor. Spray Foam Insulation installed between your floor joists in your crawl space is the only material that will form an efficient thermal barrier from obstruction, such as wiring and plumbing, ductwork, and narrow or wide joist spacing.

Failing to insulate your crawl space effectively with Spray Foam Insulation, will over time lead to unpleasant and unhealthy living conditions for your family. Earth gases, mould, and even rodents may enter your home through the crawl space.

There are three main areas that make a significant impact in the performance of your crawl space:

  • Rim Joists Insulated
  • Crawl space walls insulated
  • Vapour on ground

Spray Foam Insulation for Your Crawl Space

Spray Foam insulation acts as the perfect moisture barrier between the ground and home’s subfloor surface. It also reduces the risk of air/moisture movement from occurring in the walls and attic space of your home.

How Does Spray Foam Insulation Work?

Air infiltration is the largest issue with a crawl space, and no solution comes close to Spray Foam Insulation for correcting the problem. While Insulation blankets and rigid foam will help, Spray Foam is the most reliable solution because it supplies both an air barrier and vapour barrier all in one. You’ll also notice that your floors will become warm instantly with Spray Foam Insulation.

Spray Foam prevents insulation issues from occurring through its ability to completely fill voids and open spaces. Regions that surround wiring, plumbing and floor trusses can be entirely filled, providing a uniform thermal barrier on your floors.

Insulating your crawl space with Spray Foam Insulation, will ultimately keep your house warmer in the winter, and most importantly save you money reducing utility bills.


At Eco insulation, our technicians insulate the exterior walls of the crawl space, including the headers. In doing so, this blocks air infiltration and force heat so that it’s not lost through your duct work, up through the floor.

For additional protection, one of our professionals can install a vapour barrier on the ground, preventing excess moisture from entering the space.
Our Platinum Package which will leave your crawl space clean, and sealed as tight as a basement. Ask us for more information!

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