Why spray foam your underslab?undrslb

  • By insulating your underslab you raise the value of your home, increase your comfort and reduce your utility bills.
  • Effective and quick installation (only a few hours)
  • Fast return on investment through lowered utility bills
  • Fast clean installation
  • Improved comfort levels
  • Spray foam can help eliminate Radon gas that emits from the ground
  • Conventionally Rigid Insulation Board is used
    • Cost are less to use spray foam



Things to look for


  • Surface must be clear and dry
  • A drainage material must be placed on the ground such as gravel, before foam is applied
  • Protrusions from the ground
    • (plumbing and mechanical) that need to be sprayed around
    • Footers for foundations walls (contractor may want them sprayed over or up to)
  • Vertical rebar (or supports for in floor heating tubes or wire)
  • Contractors may request that the foam is sprayed up the exterior foundations walls 6 inches so that when the basement walls are later insulated, the seal in not broken




Spray Foam Is the best choice for your underslab


  • 1” certified air barrier
  • 2” certified vapor barrier (air moisture)
  • Moisture in basements can reduce the effectiveness of batt insulation and may contribute to mold and rot
  • Highest energy savings
  • Improves structural integrity
  • Monolithic (seamless, unbroken) insulation seal
    • As opposed to rigid board sealed with sheathing tape

The Process

  • Prep job
  • Warm up equipment and materials (up to an hour)
  • Clear job site of other trades and customers for safety
  • Spray job
  • Clean up (overspray, put away tools and hose)
  • Complete paperwork (re-measure, work order, customer sat, invoice, cufca)


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Important Points

  • Can walk on and wheelbarrow concrete over foam within minutes after install
  • Spray foam is a vapour barrier as well as insulation, so you can use 20mpa concrete as opposed to 25mpa concrete
  • Faulty plumbing, mechanical work are in danger of integrity. Our installers need to get around safely and we ask that these issues are taken care of prior to install.