Bolair Day

This year for the first time, Eco organized a great day of networking, service and support with Bolair to keep our rigs and our crew in tip-top shape.

It was a day filled with:

– Meet and Greet the Bolair team from the owners, administration, operations service techs, rig builders. The entire Bolair team was there and in the end they were excited about the outcome and hope to do this again in the future.
This is the first time Bolair has done anything like this.

  • Product demonstration for the Graco Proportioner ADM (Advance Display Module).
  • Computer demonstration of the Graco Insite software for spray foam reports and GPS tracking.
  • Graco CS spray gun demonstration with breakdown (Niagara bought one! I will update in the coming weeks Gary Dick’s review of the new gun)
  • Displays of single component sprayers, refurbished equipment, and fire proofing demo.
  • Stick pump complete break down and rebuild demonstration
  • Individualized service Q&A on each rig

Thanks Bolair! It was an awesome and highly valuable day.


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