In older homes, visiting the basement can be a scary proposition. And storing items down there? not a happy proposition – unless everything is hermetically sealed! The smells, mildew and mould – plus cobwebs and spiderwebs and vermin concerns are enough to make you just want to lock the door and leave it that way.

I am a fan of Steve Maxwell’s edutainment. He takes household concerns and makes the solutions clear, simple and a do-able challenge! He also has some great common sense. He is also an Ontario man so his wisdom matches our climate! This is shown in one of my favourite articles of his in which he

The buzz and concerns around energy efficiency have led to lots of questions: What insulation should I use to be most responsible? To be most comfortable? To save the most money? Is insulation the whole answer? What about air barriers and vapour barriers and ventilation? Is R-value really the way to judge insulation? Where does

Bolair Day This year for the first time, Eco organized a great day of networking, service and support with Bolair to keep our rigs and our crew in tip-top shape. It was a day filled with: – Meet and Greet the Bolair team from the owners, administration, operations service techs, rig builders. The entire Bolair

Sometimes we get called in to fix up insulation issues even on a new home or install. In this project, Ken was called in to assess what was going on with a cold room with a cathedral ceiling. This home had been fixed in the last year through an insurance claim, but this winter, the

Whether you need to keep materials warm inside your rig or you are using a Container or Quonset hut to store supplies, there are times when heating a metal area is necessary. The costs are prohibitive unless you insulate first. We can spray directly to the metal to get a tight, seamless thermal barrier and vapour